Let’s Get This Thing Started

Hi! I’m Amanda and this is my first blog post. EEEK! I will be completely honest when I say a blog was not something I really have thought too much about before. I do enjoy writing my thoughts on paper and I have an instagram account where I share some of those ideas, but a blog seemed like too much work for me. It seemed too vulnerable for me. I love sharing my experiences, but to type out possible pages and pages did not seem like something I would enjoy (mostly because I would rather cut my toes off than write college papers). I wasn’t sure if sharing the nitty gritty about myself (not just the happy stuff) could really help anyone or if people even cared to read what I have to say. I didn’t think I would have enough time to do something like this. I doubted my abilities. But, a little push was what I needed (keep reading to understand), and here I am.

I was scrolling through social media when I woke up this morning and ended up on a girl’s page that I don’t know, but I follow (How many can relate? LOL). While I was admiring her inspirational posts and quotes, I peeked at her bio and saw she had a blog. I opened it and read a little bit and thought to myself “Wow, anybody can see this and she gets to share anything and everything with people. Especially people who maybe need to see some of her motivation.”

At that point, I thought to myself “What do I have to lose?” People can love it or hate it. I’m not forcing anyone to read it. I’m just sharing my life in hopes that someone who needs to hear what I have to say will benefit from it.

Then came the push. I have always been the kind of person to be SUPER hard on myself and doubt everything. I always want a for sure answer and I always have to plan every little thing out to give myself time to think about it (stay tuned, I will most likely hit on this at some point in a blog). But, not this time.

Not to toot my own horn by any means, but I have always been told that I am a good writer. My parents have always told other people since I was a little girl that my writing is “beautiful”. My teachers in grade school always told me they were impressed with how I could write. I think it’s a hidden talent that I never thought much of. It’s hard to compliment your own work, but my opinion is I think when I’m enjoying what I’m writing about, it flows. I have a tendency to over explain myself and what better way to do that than a blog? Like I said before, college papers can kiss my butt and the stress that comes with them made me think for a while that I sucked at writing. I firmly believe the devil uses these negative situations to try to outweigh the gifts God has given us.

Last year, I decided on a random day that I wanted to write a book. I had five different classes, was the secretary of a club, volunteered, worked, worked out about 4 times a week, meal prepped when I could and still thought I had time to write an entire novel. So, one day I hopped on the elliptical and started an outline. I wrote down ideas, chapters, all of these random notes I would want to have in my book. And at that moment, I realized I would not at all be able to write a book at this point in my life (SURPRISE SURPRISE). BUT, the desire God placed in my heart to write has never gone away. So, I set the book idea on the back burner (for now), but this longing to get my thoughts and ideas on paper has continued to bite at me.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas when it can benefit others. But like I said, the vulnerability of a blog kind of freaked me out. I believe we live in a society where everyone is expected to live and reflect these “perfect” lives. We all know we have struggles, we’re not perfect people, but our culture says we need to try to act perfect anyway. So, why not be an example of a college girl who maybe “appears” like she has it all together at times but is a hot mess more often than not? Why not embrace that and share my imperfections for people to relate to and realize they aren’t alone? Why not share some health or life ideas that could help people? And most importantly, why not spread the love for our Lord and Savior and my faith journey for those who might be walking a similar path? Or for a non-believer to stumble upon and rethink the idea of Jesus?

So, I’m sitting in my bed without putting much think time into it and all of these thoughts come rushing into my head, and BOOM. I’m on a free blog page making my own. A completely out of the blue idea that I do believe God will use for His glory and good. He erased the doubts and flooded my mind with all of the reasons TO do it, rather than the reasons not to. And I went for it.

I can’t promise I will be able to blog as much as I would like to, but I CAN promise I will put my heart and soul into each post and hope that everyone who sees them can get something out of them. I want this to be something I do kind of on a whim when I’m feeling whole-heartedly involved in it. I don’t want to make it a “chore” if you will and make my writing reflect that. I want to be genuine, real, and enjoy every second of it so my readers can sense that too.

Here are some of the general topics I PLAN (key word “PLAN”) to cover:

-Huge impacts God has made on my life (and can for you) and how he has knocked at my door more often than not

-My life journey so far (struggling with my future, changes I’ve made, happy moments I’ve learned to cherish)

-Spiritual struggles and how I have dealt with them

-Health ideas meaning fitness, nutrition, and things I’ve learned being an exercise science student and growing my knowledge in the field (YAY)

-Life hacks/tips? (Maybe)

-Funny moments that maybe you can relate to

-Anything and everything!

I hope that gives you a little bit better idea of where I plan to head with this. Like I said, I have no idea how God REALLY intends to use me through this blog, so who knows what might change.

I hope through this blog people can connect. I hope people can laugh at me or with me. I hope people can feel encouraged. I hope I can sometimes give people a little touch of what they needed for that day. I hope people find things helpful and can relate. I am by no means perfect. I’m a human being who makes mistakes on the daily. I am learning about myself everyday and little by little (I mean LITTLE BY LITTLE, it’s a difficult process) I’m learning how to better myself and be better for not only me and people I surround myself with, but the One who matters most. That’s why we’re all here, right? To serve the Lord who put us here in the first place.

The last thing I want to leave with is my door is ALWAYS open. I love people and I want anyone who reads this and needs a little bit more to feel invited and welcome to reach out to me. I am not a counselor. I am not a trainer. I am just me. I just talk about my experiences and I am more than happy to talk with you about yours.

Much love,



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  1. I am really glad you started your blog.

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