I had full intentions of writing this past weekend, but I had something completely different and unexpected come up. This unexpected thing is something I feel God is calling me to focus on right now. After a lot of prayer, I have decided to take a break from blogging. This calling is a […]
  • Six Ways to Spend Time with Jesus
    Do you have a desire in your heart to spend time with the Lord, but just have no idea how to? Do you hear people say that they “hear” Him, but don’t really understand how that happens? Do you want to know what it looks like to spend time Jesus? I put together […]
  • Easy Dinner Idea: Cauliflower Rice Bowl
    Another measure with your heart meal! Cauliflower rice is new to me and so far I’m addicted. I’ve been eating it with different things because it’s an awesome way to get a serving or two of veggies while my brain is thinking I’m eating actual rice. It’s genius! I love this dish because […]
  • Shouting Loudest For Jesus
    A few months ago I bought a children’s Bible. For those who don’t know why, I wanted to understand the Bible better on a simpler scale. I wanted to know the chronological order of stories that I’ve been told since I was young and I wanted to learn the basics in words that […]
  • Seven Easy & Healthy Snack Options
    Do you struggle trying to find healthy snacks? It seems easy to grab the packaged stuff because it’s fast and ready to go. I think most of us can figure out what a healthy meal looks like but the snacks are what can get tricky (in my opinion). Here I listed some of […]
  • To Those Who Are Struggling to Pursue A Calling On Their Life
    Some days when I sit down and decide I’m going to write, my mind goes blank. I have a really hard time thinking of what topic I want to cover, how I want to say things, and where I want the blog to go. Other days, the message is clear as can be […]

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