Seven Easy & Healthy Snack Options

Do you struggle trying to find healthy snacks? It seems easy to grab the packaged stuff because it’s fast and ready to go. I think most of us can figure out what a healthy meal looks like but the snacks are what can get tricky (in my opinion). Here I listed some of my common go-tos:

1. Almonds- I usually get lightly salted or unsalted. If I do the unsalted, I like to mix dried cranberries with them. They’re a great source of protein and fat and keep you full for longer than a lot of snacks. One portion of almonds is a lot smaller than you think, so I recommend paying attention to your labels.

2. Boiled eggs- Boiled eggs are a great snack to easily have on hand. They’re an excellent source of protein. I add salt and pepper and they’re easily one of my favorite snacks.

3. Fruit (apples, pears, mixed fruit)- I eat apples like it’s my job. I love love love apples and peanut butter. I’ve never tried this personally, but I’ve heard mixing greek yogurt and protein powder, and dipping apples in it is really good too. I also love pears. I love bananas and peanut or almond butter. I love strawberries, blueberries, and any kind of berry really. Lots of antioxidants, fiber, and good sugars.

4. Whole grain crackers- Make sure to keep an eye out for the serving size and ingredients on these. You want the label to say “whole grain”, otherwise you’re not really getting a lot of nutritional value. It’s also easy to eat crackers mindlessly, so pay attention to your serving size and take out what you’re going to eat and put the box away. Otherwise, you’re more likely to eat much more than you need or were hungry for.

5. Celery with peanut butter- Celery has basically NO calories. It’s full of fiber and water that will keep you full. Adding some peanut butter makes for a tasty, crunchy, and satisfying snack.

6. Cottage cheese- Cottage cheese has lots of protein. It’s another filler upper kind of snack. I always shoot for 1% fat. Add some pepper or fruit and you’re good to go.

7. Cucumbers and hummus- Cucumbers are also a super low calorie (and low carb) snack. Dip some cucumbers in hummus and it’s an awesome and filling snack.

I take most of these snacks with me when I pack lunches. Some of them take a little bit of prepping, but it’s totally worth it for some REAL nutrition when you’re snacking. I hope this helps!

Much love,



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